Thinking of GPS? How do your employees feel about it?

We sometimes get questions from prospects or customers like the following "We are concerned about our employees feeling a 'lack of trust' by implementing GPS. Any advice on how companies have handled this successfully in the past?

We understand how employees can be concerned with the introduction of a technology that gives the business owner greater insight into the activities of their employees without context. I'd like to explain why employers should use GPS tracking in ANY commercial fleet and how this benefits the employee.

One, it has less to do with trust and more about a growing necessity for companies that own vehicles operated by employees.

  1. Some jurisdictions in North American require companies with commercial fleets to have active monitoring to perform work, to gain access to the job site, or even to be insured. In fact the DOT (Department of Transportation) is requiring more and more commercial fleets to have this technology. So, although it’s not a broad spectrum legal requirement for every commercially insured vehicle right now at the time of this writing, it is growing.

  2. We feel there is also a moral obligation for any responsible company to know that their fleet is being driven responsibly and not just hope that it is. When an employer can guarantee that their fleet is being driven safely by responsible drivers that moral obligation to the owners and customers is satisfied.

  3. It’s less about Big Brother and more about making everyone on equal ground. Everyone has a shared responsibly and all have the same requirements and visibility.

  4. We don't track people, we track property. Tracking a company asset like a vehicle and all the contents in it, not only saves the company from potentially damaging losses, it protects the driver from his losses too... Loss of work, loss of tools, etc.

We like the saying “Use a carrot, not a stick.” The companies that successful deploy active monitoring, use tracking as a carrot. The drivers that speed the least, idle the least, waste the least amount of time getting to and from the worksite are given bonuses. Many of our customers have found this approach to be very helpful with quick results. Companies that find an instant back-lash of criticism from employees for adopting GPS tracking, are no doubt better off without... the employee.