News: Introducing LINK4

We are excited to announce the immediately availability of our fourth-generation vehicle tracking device. Among the dozens of new features and improvments, LINK4 provides:

  • TELUS 3G coverage — 40% improved
  • Larger built-in backup battery
  • Improved built-in antennas
  • Higher-frequency updates

Available and shipping now. Order online:

News: Introducing HQ4

For the past 18 months we have been working hard on the next major release of HQ, the industry-leading vehicle tracking and fleet management application. We've listened to you, our customers, and have been busy applying your requests and new ideas to make HQ even better. HQ4 boasts tons of new features and improvements. Here are four major ones:

Simpler. In version 4, HQ's user interface is greatly simplified. Buttons are bigger. Icons are clearer. And fewer clicks are required to do what you want.

Faster. Pages load instantly. Everything is snappier. And the map refreshes every five seconds automatically with new vehicle and message activity.

Easier. Dispatch and other features are now conveniently part of the Map page. Sending messages to drivers and viewing dispatch history is easier than ever—even from your smart phone.

More informative. Thanks to powerful visualizations, HQ4 gives you deep insight into your fleet's activity in seconds. And every report has been redesigned, including Summary, Driver Score and IFTA:

More compatible. Until now, there have been two versions of HQ: HQ for desktop computers, and HQ mobile for smart phones. With HQ4, there is one version for all devices and web browsers — including

Introducing HQ3

The tracking system we developed and maintained has been completely rebuilt from the ground up. Some new features are:

  • Dispatch — allowing office dispatch to communicate seamlessly with drivers.
  • Maintenance — makes understanding and controlling maintenance on hundreds of vehicles easy.

BUILDEX Edmonton 2010 Expo

Our presence at the BUILDEX Expo was a great opportunity to meet with our customers in Edmonton and show them all the new features of our tracking system upgrades in recent months.

Lower airtime rates

We've made available lower Airtime rates when purchased in 3 month blocks. See current prices on the Products page or call for details (877) 411-1110.

Buy-back program

GPS Police has made available a program in which customers can switch from another GPS tracking vendor to GPS Police at no cost - over the course of a year. Download or call for details (877) 411-1110.

Lifetime warranty

We've made LINK even better by a lifetime warranty being available. Download the warranty information here and see how you can make your LINK last forever! or call for details (877) 411-1110.

Installers list for North America

We have published our Installer database of over 200 capable installers of GPS Tracking equipment. Zoom into your location on the map and see the name, phone number, contact, of the available installers nearest you. Visit the Installers page for details and installer location map.

Lower airtime rates

No Contracts, Flat-rate, Unlimited usage Airtime just got better. You can now get even better rates by purchasing prepaid Airtime in bulk to save a bundle. Contact GPS Police customer service for more information. (403) 250-1111

New product for trailers

Introducing zeroLINK, a product designed specifically for enclosed trailers. CAD $25 (USD $20) per month for unlimited tracking and web access. Visit the Products page for details.

Lower pricing Mini airtime

We are pleased to announce better rates for Mini airtime. CAD $35 (USD $30) per month for unlimited tracking and web access. Visit the Products page for details.


We are pleased to announce the immediately availability of zeroLINK, a reliable, affordable, real-time tracking solutions designed for rental and leasing companies.

Driving directions

Now get optimal Driving Directions, distance and time from any vehicle location, current or historical. Just click the vehicle marker, click Directions, enter a destination address, and click Show.

Improved landmarks

Landmarks can now be quickly added from the Map page. Just click a vehicle marker, click Add Landmark, enter a name, choose a colour, and click Save.

New reports

Introducing new Trips and Speeding reports for proLINK and miniLINK.


In order to better serve customers and increase network capacity, we are moving our development and production office into a larger facility. Fortunately for existing customers, we do not anticipate this move causing any significant server downtime.

Coming soon...

GPS Police and Baseloc have been working hard on its next-generation GPS vehicle tracking system. We are scheduling release for Dec 1, 2006. Key new features include: Live tracking and flat-rate airtime plans.


GPS Police has formed a new software division called BaseLoc. BaseLoc develops high-performance AVL server software—including the web AVL platform that powers HQ, the GPS Police vehicle tracking web site.

Server upgrades

As part ongoing hardware optimization, HQ has been tuned for better performance for customers with fleets of 250+ vehicles.

New feature: Landmarks

HQ 1.5 (free automatic update for all customers) now includes Landmarks. Better than basic Geofences, Landmarks lets you tag an unlimited number of named, colour-coded locations (Landmarks), which you can easily report on and use for instant notification. The Landmarks report even lets you retroactively see where vehicles were (stops, duration) in relation to these custom tagged areas.

We're moving

As a result of rapid growth, we are moving our development and production office from Bay 31 to Bay 25. Greater space will facilitate faster production and quicker service.

New training centre

This month we are opening a training centre and demonstration showroom inside the Gunnar building (Calgary).

HQ speaks XML

HQ can now be integrated into other third-party and back-end operations software with our XML feed. Contact GPS Police Technical Services for more details.

New report: Fuel

HQ 1.4 now allows you to view the estimated fuel consumption for any vehicle for the month, based on its city/highway mileage. This is handy for verifying submitted fuel expenses and getting fuel tax rebates on qualified roads.

Track vehicles in 3D

HQ 1.2 now offers seamless integration with Google Earth via real-time network links. Which means that all customers may now track their vehicles, and view historical activity, within Google Earth. This feature is a free, automatic upgrade for all existing customers.

HQ 1.1

Today we are announcing major performance improvements to HQ, our vehicle tracking and fleet management web site. As a result of extensive server upgrades and database optimization, mapping and reporting are much faster. For example, for fleets with 100+ vehicles, HQ will generate 400-500% faster.

Transport companies choose LINK

We are pleased to announce excellent sales of LINK to transportation companies in the eastern United States. With improved security and productivity features, we anticipate sales growth in transportation and construction industries to continue.

BUILDEX Calgary 2010 Expo

Come see us at booth 430 at the Calgary BUILDEX and Chipex West tradeshows. You can learn why we are the number one fleet management solution in Canada.

LINK for construction

With theft of trailers and heavy equipment increasing, GPS Police begins selling LINK to construction companies in western Canada.

Network certification

We are pleased to announce that our Network Operations Center (NOC) has been certified for wireless communications and telematics applications.


July marks the beginning of the North American-wide beta test of our LINK, our web-based vehicle tracking system.