The problem with Fleetmatics

It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you'll do things differently. – Warren Buffett

In every industry competition is apparent. Competition creates a healthy standard for product quality and consumer services. However, competition becomes destructive when dishonest business tactics are used to try and gain an upper hand.

From conversations with past Fleetmatics customers we have heard that Fleetmatics has gained a reputation for dishonesty. Withholding information regarding contract details, and directly lying to their potential clientele and existing customer base. These statements are strong accusations we would not make without proof.

A current (happy) customer of GPS Police under the company name of Lazaro Restoration (great restoration construction company BTW) informed our help desk on June 2nd that a sales team member of Fleetmatics by the name of Jay Cantwell phoned her. Mr. Cantwell told her misleading information regarding our business operations, and also claimed to have a complete list of our confidential clientele contact information. Further stating false accusations that GPS Police is forcing its customers to pay for an equipment upgrade before July 1st, 2016. This is one of the many phone calls GPS Police has

Low battery alert

Know instantly when a problem occurs

When a vehicle is not performing to expectations, it's frustrating. Today we're happy to announce a new alert that detects when a vehicle's battery is low. If the vehicle's battery drops below 12.24v, "Vehicle Battery Low Voltage" will be reported. Provided you have created an Alert for low voltage, you will know instantly. Creating alerts is easy. To see how, watch this 3-minute video:

Extreme speeding

Announcing a big improvement to HQ's speeding detection and alert system.

For some time, customers have had the ability to create an allowable speed threshold limit for all vehicles in their account and/or just for certain vehicles (exceptions). These settings are found on the Account > Info page, e.g.:

  • 10 kph over the posted limit or
  • 120 kph maximum speed

A couple years ago we introduced a third setting, e.g.:

  • 115 kph average speed

Unfortunately, this setting was not easily understood by many customers and often mis-applied, leading to false speeding alerts. For this and the reasons, speed limit by average speed has been removed. Instead, we have replaced these settings with ones that are both more effective and easier to use.

Starting today, speeding settings allow two categories of speeding: Moderate and Extreme.

Alert rules (for notifications) can be made for each kind of speeding.

Moderate speeding. In a real-world example, as a fleet manager, you likely want a record vehicles' speeding moderately—say, 10-15 KPH—over the posted limit, but not be instantly notified each time on your phone. You might view this kind of speeding weekly or monthly on the History or Reports

Why you should be concerned about OBD port connected GPS devices

If you are considering a telematics solution, the GPS hardware is the single most important factor. GPS Police Inc. has never used an OBD dongle GPS tracking device for four major reasons which will be covered in this article.

1. Warranty

In the eyes of the vehicle manufacturers, the port was initially meant to be an access to diagnostic data only. Today it is tricked into giving away access to more CPUs. As a defence, OEMs have employed various strategies to protect access to the CAN bus by hiding the port, making it inconvenient to use while driving or making the Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC) impossible to recognise by third party service providers.

The use of the OBD dongle has been widely reported — and in some cases it has translated into notes at the bottom of their warranty document threatening the users — that driving with an OBD dongle would cancel the manufacturers warranty.

Dongle manufacturers and insurers will legitimately claim the OEM cannot void the warranty if the dongle is used but they must be fully aware and made accountable for the risk they take if the causation of an accident is demonstrated to be the dongle’s interference with

A great new solution for trailer tracking

We are pleased to announce a new version of PING, our GPS tracking device for trailers and construction equipment. PING is now weather-resistant, and can be mounted to the exterior of an asset without any additional hookups. It is equipped with a long-lasting battery that lets it operate without an external power source or battery. PING is the best solution for trailer and equipment tracking. You can read more about PING's features and pricing on our web site:

Let us show you the money

At GPS Police, we are committed to helping you reduce fleet costs. To help you visualize your savings, we have built a simple return-on-investment calculator that shows you the benefits of vehicle tracking to your company’s bottom line:

Our ROI calculator shows you lower fuel costs as a result of reduced idling, occurrences of speeding, hard driving and hard acceleration. It likewise calculates increased revenue from reduced moonlighting (side jobs), off-hours usage and improved productivity.

New-and-improved speeding detection

For the past six months, our engineers have been upgrading HQ's speeding-detection data and software. We are pleased to announce that the project is complete! Road coverage has increased by over 200%, and the algorithm used to detect speeding by posted limit is more accurate than ever before.

As a result, starting in June 2015, you may see an increase in speeding alerts and the number of speeding violations in monthly reports. This does not necessarily mean worsening driver behaviour, but rather improved monitoring in HQ.

We are confident that these improvements will allow you to further improve the safety of your drivers while improving the efficiency of your fleet.

New feature: Outpost SMS

Outpost SMS is a new feature that lets drivers assign themselves to vehicles simply by sending HQ a text message from their phone. Outpost SMS also lets drivers locate and contact fellow drivers, access Driver Logbook, and more.