FREE equipment begins May 2016

GPS Police had an incredible year in 2015. Doubling our previous years sales records and 2016 is showing even stronger acceleration. Our hardware production volume has increased to the point where we can manufacture at a lower cost and instead of just profiting more, we thought we should instead pass our savings along to you, our prospects and customers.

We are excited to announce new pricing starting May 1st, 2016. With the new low pricing, we are also providing the equipment free. And, as always we have the best terms in the industry.

  • No contracts, lock-ins or hidden fees
  • Unlimited vehicle and driver history
  • Free USA & Canada roaming
  • Free training and support
  • Free lifetime warranty
  • Free feature updates
  • Free activation
  • Free equipment
  • Free shipping

Is it still the same reliable equipment?

Yes. Although our equipment is now free, we haven't degraded the quality at all. It's still made exactly the same – improved actually. It still carries lifetime warranty, and still has the best network coverage in North America – one rate anywhere in Canada and the USA operating simultaneously on the five largest 3G/LTE carriers.


We are determined to become the largest telematics provider in North America. By eliminating the equipment cost when switching to us from another provider, we can make the transition that much more attractive.

– Sean Fournier, Co-Founder