Your device. Your data. Our network.

Recent developments with Apple Inc. and the FBI have brought up a lot of questions regarding encryption, privacy, security, and ownership.

We'd like to take this opportunity to firmly establish and reassure our customers and investors of our policies and practices.

Who does the vehicle tracking information belong to?

When someone becomes a customer of GPS Police, they install a GPS tracking device in a vehicle they own. The device reports a vast amount of encrypted information to our data centre where it is securely stored – indefinitely. Your vehicle information, residing on our servers, belongs to you, the customer, not us. We provide the service which ingests the data, processes it, and makes it available to you through the web – smart phone, computer, tablet, etc.

What happens when we get a court order?

When we receive a subpoena or court order for vehicle location history, we contact the owner of the data immediately and notify them of the request. We do not disclose to authorities or courts any customer data.

In the unlikely event that our customer does not provide the information we, like Apple, can be forced to submit requested information. In 13 years of GPS Police operating we have tracked vehicles involved in a large number of criminal activities, and in some cases homicides. Only once, out of many court orders have we ever had to provide vehicle data and when we did, the time frame was extremely narrow and precisely around the time of the crime.

Imagine GPS Police is a storage locker facility. Now imagine someone stores a weapon in one of our lockers that was used to commit a crime. We do not own the weapon but we do own "access" to the weapon. When all other avenues have been exhausted, we will at last, comply with the law and open the locker. However, like Apple, we will never produce a "master key" allowing authorities access this data – whenever they feel it necessary.

What about meta data?

We store information from thousands of vehicles daily. We have advanced algorithms which can determine dangerous road conditions, speeding, construction, patterns and trends. All of this analyzed information is collected from your vehicle information. We used this to provide added functionality back to you. We have never disclosed anonymized or "meta data" to any organization outside of GPS Police Inc. (or it's subsidiary companies).

Security & Privacy

We don't disclose customers to any prospects, unless specific permission is granted. We don't advertise who our customers are. We provide security and management to municipal, state, and federal fleets – even military. Wether it's an individual consumer or a maximum security correctional institution; both receive equal privacy and security from us.

We applaud the decision of Tim Cook Apple inc.’s CEO in his opposition of not compromising security with a potential "backdoor" that would fundamentally undermine the security of an iPhone’s passcode.

Smart phones have become an essential part of our lives. People use them to store incredible amounts of personal data, from private conversations to financial information. We trust companies like Apple to keep our lives private if we choose to.

We have tremendous respect for the governmental authorities and believe their intentions are veritable however, personal privacy and security should trump any demands from government which erode the chartered rights and freedoms of it’s citizens.