Extreme speeding

Announcing a big improvement to HQ's speeding detection and alert system.

For some time, customers have had the ability to create an allowable speed threshold limit for all vehicles in their account and/or just for certain vehicles (exceptions). These settings are found on the Account > Info page, e.g.:

  • 10 kph over the posted limit or
  • 120 kph maximum speed

A couple years ago we introduced a third setting, e.g.:

  • 115 kph average speed

Unfortunately, this setting was not easily understood by many customers and often mis-applied, leading to false speeding alerts. For this and the reasons, speed limit by average speed has been removed. Instead, we have replaced these settings with ones that are both more effective and easier to use.

Starting today, speeding settings allow two categories of speeding: Moderate and Extreme.

Alert rules (for notifications) can be made for each kind of speeding.

Moderate speeding. In a real-world example, as a fleet manager, you likely want a record vehicles' speeding moderately—say, 10-15 KPH—over the posted limit, but not be instantly notified each time on your phone. You might view this kind of speeding weekly or monthly on the History or Reports page.

Extreme speeding. If the vehicle reports 20-30 KPH over the posted speed limit or a speed faster than 130 KPH, you'd likely want to be notified immediately in order to take immediate action against that kind of dangerous driving behaviour!

Would you like more help understanding this change and how it may affect your existing alert rules? Call us, we'd love to help!