News: Introducing HQ4

For the past 18 months we have been working hard on the next major release of HQ, the industry-leading vehicle tracking and fleet management application. We've listened to you, our customers, and have been busy applying your requests and new ideas to make HQ even better. HQ4 boasts tons of new features and improvements. Here are four major ones:

Simpler. In version 4, HQ's user interface is greatly simplified. Buttons are bigger. Icons are clearer. And fewer clicks are required to do what you want.

Faster. Pages load instantly. Everything is snappier. And the map refreshes every five seconds automatically with new vehicle and message activity.

Easier. Dispatch and other features are now conveniently part of the Map page. Sending messages to drivers and viewing dispatch history is easier than ever—even from your smart phone.

More informative. Thanks to powerful visualizations, HQ4 gives you deep insight into your fleet's activity in seconds. And every report has been redesigned, including Summary, Driver Score and IFTA:

More compatible. Until now, there have been two versions of HQ: HQ for desktop computers, and HQ mobile for smart phones. With HQ4, there is one version for all devices and web browsers — including IE9, Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera. HQ is mobile-friendly and will automatically adapt to whatever screen you're using — desktop PC, tablet or smart phone.

In conclusion
We love the new HQ—and we think you will too. It provides clearer information about your fleet's activity, bring more value to your company, and make life easier for everyone. We want to thank you again for your business and look forward to providing you with an awesome upgrade to what is already the best commercial vehicle tracking and fleet management system on the market today.

Thanks for your time, have a great a day!

-René Fournier
Chief Software Architect