Thinking of GPS? How do your employees feel about it?

We sometimes get questions from prospects or customers like the following "We are concerned about our employees feeling a 'lack of trust' by implementing GPS. Any advice on how companies have handled this successfully in the past?

We understand how employees can be concerned with the introduction of a technology that gives the business owner greater insight into the activities of their employees without context. I'd like to explain why employers should use GPS tracking in ANY commercial fleet and how this benefits the employee.

One, it has less to do with trust and more about a growing necessity for companies that own vehicles operated by employees.

  1. Some jurisdictions in North American require companies with commercial fleets to have active monitoring to perform work, to gain access to the job site, or even to be insured. In fact the DOT (Department of Transportation) is requiring more and more commercial fleets to have this technology. So, although it’s not a broad spectrum legal requirement for every commercially insured vehicle right now at the time of this writing, it is growing.

  2. We feel there is also a moral obligation for any responsible company to know that their fleet is being driven

HQ mini for Android

We are excited to announce the release of HQ mini, our new Android app designed. Think of HQ mini as a fast, lightweight version of our web-based HQ—one that we will continue to improve with great new features!

Download the app

What you can do

HQ mini lets you see exactly where your vehicles are in real-time from your iPhone or iPad. View vehicles' current speed, heading, location and status—such as engine on, stopped, idling, speeding or hard acceleration. Easily phone or message a driver, or get driving directions to a vehicle.

(Please note: HQ mini is for customers who already have the GPS Police vehicle tracking & fleet management system installed in their vehicles and/or construction equipment. If you would like to use HQ mini for your fleet, but are not currently a GPS Police customer, you can easily become one! Visit to learn more and place an order.)

Since 2003, GPS Police has helped thousands of companies across Canada and the USA improve fleet safety, security and efficiency.

The GPS Police advantage:

  • Track any vehicle, construction equipment or trailer
  • 100%

Location, location, location.

The meteoric rise of the Pokémon Go has proven that when it comes to social gaming, as in business, location is everything.

It's also very interesting to us that the key technology that makes Pokémon Go fun is GPS, or global positioning system, which has been integral to our products and services since 2003.

Whether you catch a thief, or capture a creature, GPS makes it possible.

The problem with Fleetmatics

It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you'll do things differently. – Warren Buffett

In every industry competition is apparent. Competition creates a healthy standard for product quality and consumer services. However, competition becomes destructive when dishonest business tactics are used to try and gain an upper hand.

From conversations with past Fleetmatics customers we have heard that Fleetmatics has gained a reputation for dishonesty. Withholding information regarding contract details, and directly lying to their potential clientele and existing customer base. These statements are strong accusations we would not make without proof.

A current (happy) customer of GPS Police under the company name of Lazaro Restoration (great restoration construction company BTW) informed our help desk on June 2nd that a sales team member of Fleetmatics by the name of Jay Cantwell phoned her. Mr. Cantwell told her misleading information regarding our business operations, and also claimed to have a complete list of our confidential clientele contact information. Further stating false accusations that GPS Police is forcing its customers to pay for an equipment upgrade before July 1st, 2016. This is one of the many phone calls GPS Police has

The FREE Airtime referral program

The Referral Program is our way of saying thank you to our loyal customers. If you refer someone to GPS Police we’ll give you some free Airtime service, relative to how much the referee buys. We’ll give you 1 free month of Airtime for one device for every GPS unit the company you referred us to buys.

  • Eg. If you have (1) unit and refer GPS Police to “ABC Plumbing” and they buy (3) LINK's (with any amount of airtime), we’ll give you (3) FREE months of Airtime – We’ll apply three free months for your only device.

  • Eg. If you have (5) units and refer GPS Police to “ABC Energy” and they buy (10) LINK’s (with any amount of airtime), we’ll give you (10) FREE months of Airtime – We’ll apply two free months per device; five of them.

  • Eg. If you have (25) units and refer GPS Police to “ABC Construction” and they buy (5) LINK’s (with any amount of airtime), we’ll give you (5) FREE months of Airtime – We’ll apply five free months to only five of your devices.

When the company you’ve referred makes their purchase on

Theft Prevention

Theft has been a severe issue affecting the construction industry for many years. Unsupervised construction sites are easy targets for thieves. Skid steers, forklifts and vehicles are stolen on a day to day basis. The cost of stolen equipment and loss of work can cripple a business. Not only will the insurance rates increase, the policy may be terminated altogether.

Possible expenses from theft include:

  • Locating stolen equipment
  • Replacing equipment
  • Missing deadlines
  • Production loss

Theft prevention is inexpensive when compared to the cost of theft. Adding security cameras around the perimeter of a worksite is a great deterrent, however, it will not stop a thief. The best way to protect your assets is to employ the use of GPS tracking equipment.

At GPS Police our software lets you know where your assets are at all times, notifying you immediately when something is wrong. Our solution to loss prevention is one of, if not the best way to protect your company and its assets.

Check out these videos where we helped our customers recover their stolen assets quickly.

If you build it, they will come!

Continuing on from my last article, I want to bring attention to our company sales philosophy.

No doubt you have heard this before: "If you build it, they will come." The quote was from the 1989 movie Field of Dreams. That idea is the basis for the 'Law of Attraction.'

Many top performing companies also have taken this approach at some point in their development. Companies like Google, Amazon, Uber, eBay and Apple.

Our focus has been to build the absolute best fleet management software on the market. Time and careful consideration was given to all dimensions.

  • Reliability
  • Accuracy
  • Ease of use
  • Ergonomics

We did not take the lean startup methodology of getting a minimal viable product to market and then hire a large sales force to push mediocrity as best in class, only to then lock the customer into a hard to get out of contract.

Many companies in the fleet management space have sold you a bill of goods much to the chagrin of their customers. Our competitors are more than happy to tell you that they have the latest and greatest product on the market. In fact they are so confident they will call you daily

HQ mini for iOS!

We are excited to announce the release of HQ mini, our new iOS app designed for iPhone and iPad. Think of HQ mini as a fast, lightweight version of our web-based HQ—one that we will continue to improve with great new features!

Watch the video

Download the app

What you can do

HQ mini lets you see exactly where your vehicles are in real-time from your iPhone or iPad. View vehicles' current speed, heading, location and status—such as engine on, stopped, idling, speeding or hard acceleration. Easily phone or message a driver, or get driving directions to a vehicle.

(Please note: HQ mini is for customers who already have the GPS Police vehicle tracking & fleet management system installed in their vehicles and/or construction equipment. If you would like to use HQ mini for your fleet, but are not currently a GPS Police customer, you can easily become one! Visit to learn more and place an order.)

Since 2003, GPS Police has helped thousands of companies across Canada and the USA improve fleet safety, security and efficiency.

The GPS Police advantage:

  • Track any

FREE equipment begins May 2016

GPS Police had an incredible year in 2015. Doubling our previous years sales records and 2016 is showing even stronger acceleration. Our hardware production volume has increased to the point where we can manufacture at a lower cost and instead of just profiting more, we thought we should instead pass our savings along to you, our prospects and customers.

We are excited to announce new pricing starting May 1st, 2016. With the new low pricing, we are also providing the equipment free. And, as always we have the best terms in the industry.

  • No contracts, lock-ins or hidden fees
  • Unlimited vehicle and driver history
  • Free USA & Canada roaming
  • Free training and support
  • Free lifetime warranty
  • Free feature updates
  • Free activation
  • Free equipment
  • Free shipping

Is it still the same reliable equipment?

Yes. Although our equipment is now free, we haven't degraded the quality at all. It's still made exactly the same – improved actually. It still carries lifetime warranty, and still has the best network coverage in North America – one rate anywhere in Canada and the USA operating simultaneously on the five largest 3G/LTE carriers.


We are determined to become the largest telematics

Are customer references really best practice?

The other day I demonstrated our software for a potential client. They contacted me as well as a few other competitors in the GPS fleet management space, which is a good idea when looking at investing long-term in a fleet management solution.

The demo went well. The potential client had one more request. He asked that I provide three references before he would move forward. I said "Sorry, I can’t do that." Now, you are probably saying “What! Why not?” References are best practice. Right?!

I could not give this prospect what he had asked for because of our privacy policy. We don't disclose customers to any prospects, unless specific permission is granted by an existing customer for a particular prospective customer. We don't advertise who our customers are. We take our customers' privacy very seriously.

Now I could have asked any number of our customers to be a reference for us… But would you, as a busy company, like to take time out of your day to take a phone call or reply to an email for an unrelated matter to your business? We wouldn't, and we guess neither would you.

Are customer references really necessary? We don’

Your device. Your data. Our network.

Recent developments with Apple Inc. and the FBI have brought up a lot of questions regarding encryption, privacy, security, and ownership.

We'd like to take this opportunity to firmly establish and reassure our customers and investors of our policies and practices.

Who does the vehicle tracking information belong to?

When someone becomes a customer of GPS Police, they install a GPS tracking device in a vehicle they own. The device reports a vast amount of encrypted information to our data centre where it is securely stored – indefinitely. Your vehicle information, residing on our servers, belongs to you, the customer, not us. We provide the service which ingests the data, processes it, and makes it available to you through the web – smart phone, computer, tablet, etc.

What happens when we get a court order?

When we receive a subpoena or court order for vehicle location history, we contact the owner of the data immediately and notify them of the request. We do not disclose to authorities or courts any customer data.

In the unlikely event that our customer does not provide the information we, like Apple, can be forced to submit requested information. In 13 years of GPS Police operating we

Low battery alert

Know instantly when a problem occurs

When a vehicle is not performing to expectations, it's frustrating. Today we're happy to announce a new alert that detects when a vehicle's battery is low. If the vehicle's battery drops below 12.24v, "Vehicle Battery Low Voltage" will be reported. Provided you have created an Alert for low voltage, you will know instantly. Creating alerts is easy. To see how, watch this 3-minute video:

Extreme speeding

Announcing a big improvement to HQ's speeding detection and alert system.

For some time, customers have had the ability to create an allowable speed threshold limit for all vehicles in their account and/or just for certain vehicles (exceptions). These settings are found on the Account > Info page, e.g.:

  • 10 kph over the posted limit or
  • 120 kph maximum speed

A couple years ago we introduced a third setting, e.g.:

  • 115 kph average speed

Unfortunately, this setting was not easily understood by many customers and often mis-applied, leading to false speeding alerts. For this and the reasons, speed limit by average speed has been removed. Instead, we have replaced these settings with ones that are both more effective and easier to use.

Starting today, speeding settings allow two categories of speeding: Moderate and Extreme.

Alert rules (for notifications) can be made for each kind of speeding.

Moderate speeding. In a real-world example, as a fleet manager, you likely want a record vehicles' speeding moderately—say, 10-15 KPH—over the posted limit, but not be instantly notified each time on your phone. You might view this kind of speeding weekly or monthly on the History or Reports

News: Sunset on 2G (GPRS)

“The only thing that never changes is that everything changes.”

2016 will be a big year for change in the world of wireless. An old digital radio network with 10's of millions of devices is going to be closed down and that means those devices need to be replaced.

Does this impact you? Yes, if you purchased equipment prior to January 1st 2014 without the lifetime warranty, you'll need to upgrade.

The new equipment we sold as of January 1st, 2016 has three distinct improvements:
* New network * Greater coverage * Better pricing


Our most recent 4th and 5th generation equipment operates on the HSPA+ (4G) network which has an expected life expectancy to at least 2021.


We have the combined coverage from Telus + Rogers + Bell + T-Mobile + AT&T simultaneously. Our equipment will use whichever carrier provides the strongest signal. Cross border, no fee roaming is totally free.


Our most recent 4th and 5th generation equipment will carry a life time warranty against defects and obsoletion.

Speed accuracy

Starting January 1st, 2016 speed detection has fundamentally and dramatically improved for 4th-generation devices. For several years, the reported speed of a vehicle was determined entirely by the GPS device. The result was that sometimes, due to poor GPS reception quality, an event such as Driving or Speeding could display an incorrect speed. Although we made a lot of progress improving speed accuracy, false alarms still occasionally got through. So we went back to the drawing board.

There are two things to know about things. You can know where something is, or how fast it's moving... not both... at least not at the same time. This is a fundamental truth of physics.

GPS provides location; not speed. GPS speed is inferred by a small sample of locations over a short period of time. The more accurate you monitor speed, the less you can know about where it happened. We finally realized that the GPS device can only do so much and we have repurposed them with a simpler task to only provide location; accurate location.

How did we calculate speed before?

2nd and 3rd generation equipment

The GPS device was programmed to analyze it's speed by looking at a few

GPS Police now does installations—and much more.

GPS Police has made a partnership with a highly-skilled and mobilized automotive technician workforce.

GPS Installation

This means in Alberta, Saskatchewan, BC, and Ontario we have the best Red Seal certified mechanics doing GPS installs. They have been trained by us and each installation is verified working or you don't pay. Any GPS device (Ping/Echo/Link/SafeLink) can be installed for $125 at your location and convenience.

Vehicle Maintenance & Service

Tired or taking your vehicles somewhere for regular maintenance? Have the mechanic come to you! Call us to learn how we can manage and perform all your vehicles maintenance; (403) 250-1111 ext. 104

  • Air Filter Replacement
  • Brake Pads Replacement
  • Serpentine/Drive Belt Replacement
  • Spark Plugs Replacement
  • Transmission Fluid Service
  • Water Pump Replacement
  • Alternator Replacement
  • Starter Replacement
  • Much more—just ask

Our scheduled services are based exactly on what your manufacturer's OEM manual suggests. Just provide us with your vehicle's mileage and we will take care of it from there.

Android vs iOS

HQ, our vehicle tracking and fleet management software, is compatible with all modern web browsers, both on the desktop and on mobile devices—including Android, iOS and Windows Phone. However, we are sometimes asked, which is the best phone for HQ?

As the following article shows, Javascript, the programming language that web apps depend on, runs significantly faster on iPhones (and has for some time) than Android devices:

"It seems the Android manufacturers are more interested in slapping n slow CPU cores on a die than they are in producing very fast CPU cores. And this is quite punishing when it comes to JavaScript.

"This is becoming more and more of a systemic problem in the Android ecosystem, one that will not go away in the next few years, and it may affect the future of Discourse, since we bet heavily on near-desktop JavaScript performance on mobile devices. That is clearly happening on iOS but it is quite disastrously the opposite on Android."

In a nutshell, iPhone runs web apps, including HQ, fastest.

Why you should be concerned about OBD port connected GPS devices

If you are considering a telematics solution, the GPS hardware is the single most important factor. GPS Police Inc. has never used an OBD dongle GPS tracking device for four major reasons which will be covered in this article.

1. Warranty

In the eyes of the vehicle manufacturers, the port was initially meant to be an access to diagnostic data only. Today it is tricked into giving away access to more CPUs. As a defence, OEMs have employed various strategies to protect access to the CAN bus by hiding the port, making it inconvenient to use while driving or making the Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC) impossible to recognise by third party service providers.

The use of the OBD dongle has been widely reported — and in some cases it has translated into notes at the bottom of their warranty document threatening the users — that driving with an OBD dongle would cancel the manufacturers warranty.

Dongle manufacturers and insurers will legitimately claim the OEM cannot void the warranty if the dongle is used but they must be fully aware and made accountable for the risk they take if the causation of an accident is demonstrated to be the dongle’s interference with

GPS accuracy and reliability

When you buy one of our GPS tracking devices you want one that provides accuracte information all the time everytime. However, the quality of the information is based on GPS data collected.

PDOP, HDOP, VDOP... what is DOP? DOP is the term used to describe how reliable (or accurate) the location, speed and heading are for any given GPS record. DOP is an acronym for Dilution of Precision.

As more satellites are visible to a GPS receiver, the higher the precision, and thus lower dilution. The ultimate goal for accuracy is for the receiver to see as much of the sky as possible and gain a fix from as many GPS satellites as possible.

However, there are many circumstances that can compromise a clear view of the sky. Just as you may have perfect vision, if something like a billboard is obstructing your view, you can't see what's behind it. GPS is no different.

When a GPS receiver can see a broad view of the sky from horizon to horizon and everything above, it has the best chance of a high precision. If the receiver can only see straight above it will result in poor DOP, or if something is

A great new solution for trailer tracking

We are pleased to announce a new version of PING, our GPS tracking device for trailers and construction equipment. PING is now weather-resistant, and can be mounted to the exterior of an asset without any additional hookups. It is equipped with a long-lasting battery that lets it operate without an external power source or battery. PING is the best solution for trailer and equipment tracking. You can read more about PING's features and pricing on our web site:

Let us show you the money

At GPS Police, we are committed to helping you reduce fleet costs. To help you visualize your savings, we have built a simple return-on-investment calculator that shows you the benefits of vehicle tracking to your company’s bottom line:

Our ROI calculator shows you lower fuel costs as a result of reduced idling, occurrences of speeding, hard driving and hard acceleration. It likewise calculates increased revenue from reduced moonlighting (side jobs), off-hours usage and improved productivity.

Alerts by vehicle group

We are happy to announce a great improvement to the Alerts page. Now, you can create Alerts by vehicle groups. This not only saves time when creating new alerts, but saves time if you add or remove a vehicle from a group—you longer need to edit the corresponding Alert rule.

New-and-improved speeding detection

For the past six months, our engineers have been upgrading HQ's speeding-detection data and software. We are pleased to announce that the project is complete! Road coverage has increased by over 200%, and the algorithm used to detect speeding by posted limit is more accurate than ever before.

As a result, starting in June 2015, you may see an increase in speeding alerts and the number of speeding violations in monthly reports. This does not necessarily mean worsening driver behaviour, but rather improved monitoring in HQ.

We are confident that these improvements will allow you to further improve the safety of your drivers while improving the efficiency of your fleet.

Web services API

Introducing our new web services API, which makes it easy to pull real-time and historical fleet activity into your company's custom or third-party applications, such as enterprise resource planning (ERP) and asset management systems (ASM). You can read more about using our web services API.

New feature: Outpost SMS

Outpost SMS is a new feature that lets drivers assign themselves to vehicles simply by sending HQ a text message from their phone. Outpost SMS also lets drivers locate and contact fellow drivers, access Driver Logbook, and more.

Safety comes first

Sometimes we are asked if we plan to add an immobilizer feature to Link or SafeLink. (This would give HQ users the ability remotely turn off a vehicle engine and/or or prevent it from being started.) The short answer is: No.

Actually, until 2007, every Link we sold had an immobilizer feature built-in. But we decided to remove it because of their inherent risk and liability. Why we don't believe in immobilizers and will not add one to any of our products is well illustrated by this news story:

Tutorial: Places

Places are locations you mark that are important to your company, and make it easy to see at-a-glance where vehicles and drivers are. Places can be any location you wish to tag: job sites, field offices, vendors, employee homes, or places drivers should not be (bar or casino). The following tutorial shows you how to create new Places from any address or vehicle location, as well as edit and delete existing Places.

Tip #2 : How long has this been going on? Use Places to find out

Imagine it has come to your attention that some drivers have been frequenting a place they shouldn't during work hours — for example, a bar, casino or anything. You may wonder, "how long as this been going on?" Here's an HQ tip that answers this and other questions. In a few minutes, you can see how to determine the duration and frequency drivers have spent at certain locations in the past.

-Bomi Tella
Customer Happiness Engineer

Answer #1: How is Driver score calculated?

Why is it that some drivers have the same amount of speeding violations, but their Driver score is different? To answer this question, let's look at how the Driver score is calculated.

The Driver score is an average of a driver's efficiency and safety.


The Efficiency score is the number of occurrencies of idling, hard braking and hard accelerations, divided by the distance driven.

Efficiency = ( Idling + Hard Braking + Hard Accelerations ) ÷ Distance Driven


The Safety score is the number of speeding violations, multiplied by three and divided by the distance driven. (Speeding is multiplied by three order for the Safety score to have the same "weight" as the Efficiency score).

Safety = (Speeding violations x 3) ÷ Distance driven 


Driver score = ( Safety score + Efficiency score ) ÷ 2

This means that Driver score results can at times appear counterintuitive. For example:

More speeding violations, better score?

Phillip has five speeding violations, while Jen has four. Yet Phillip has a higher Driver score than Jen. How is this possible? Because Phillip had twice the mileage, thereby demonstrating safer driving for the distance driven.

Different idling, same efficiency?

John has 15 occurrences of idling, while Miranda has 10. They have the same Efficiency score.

Tutorial: Places report

Would you like to know how much time your employees spend at certain locations? For example, who spends the most time at the coffee shop in the morning? The Places report answers these questions and more. To learn how to get the most from the Places report, check out our new screencast:

Thanks for your time, have a great a day!

-Bomi Tella
Customer Happiness Engineer

News: Our new blog

We often have news to share with you: Updates to HQ, details on new features, and resources on how to get the most value for your fleet.

However, we realize you're busy too. So instead of sending you dozens of email newsletters a year, we are using this blog to share with you what's new, improved and coming soon to HQ. (We still may occasionally email regarding very important news, but otherwise our blog is where to look.)

The best part: HQ will quietly let you know when there's news—whenever we post something new to our blog, the Blog menu item in HQ will display New in green. Visit the Blog page for a quick summary of news. Click a blog entry to read more.

Thanks for your time, have a great a day!

-René Fournier
Chief Software Architect